Monthly meeting 4/18/2020

This will be our second meeting held by conference call- please check your email for call in number.

We look forward to having you join us on the call to work on our upcoming plans or make plans for the future including the nominations for officers for the upcoming term.

Mass Cards

Memorial Scholarship Fund- Mass Enrollment- this is a great opportunity to request a mass for a full year as a Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, Confirmation or any celebration. Remembering a special person at the time of death with a year of masses is a wonderful way to celebrate there life. With the current situation we find ourselves in with the Corona-virus, a note with a mass for a full year will brighten the day of those we love and care about.
Please contact Fredna through the court email or personal email for Mass Cards – she will send them out for you and we will make arrangements to collect the $2.50 for each card.

March 21, 2020 – General Meeting

Our meeting will be held by conference call- please check your email for the call- in information. Our meeting will start at 9 am, no social time this month. We have many items to discuss and plan for the future. Our service to the community is a true testament to our court. Should you have any questions or concerns please email us at:

January 2020

We awarded Rachel C. with her check and certificate from the State Court for winning Art Division 2, in the 2019 Education contest. She graduated May 2019 from CTR Catholic School and is currently attending St Agnes Academy for girls. We look forward to hearing about all her achievements in the future.
Please welcome Jane and Angie as they pledged at the meeting on Saturday January 18, 2020. We look forward to having these ladies join in our activities and learning more about them.

2019 Christmas Party