Salute to Veterans

From November 10 to 13 the main driveway leading into Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church was lined with American flags.  Some of the flags had an additional ribbon commemorating a veteran sponsored by parishioners in conjunction with our Wreaths Across American sales weekend..

The court was joined with American Heritage Girls and their mothers in helping to get sponsorships, as well as placement of the flags.  The weekend was a bit cool, but it did not slow down the enthusiasm of all the girls and women involved in placement of the flags.

Fredna Kilcommins, Vice Regent  placing flags adorned with commemoration ribbons.

Members who helped were: Christine Maniscalco, Fredna Kilcommins, Carol Hall, Elizabeth Thompson and Yvonne Rinaldi.  

Last minute ribbons being prepared for flag placement.

Court members who assisted with flag retirement were: Marge Andreo, Martha Stevens,
Yvonne Turnbow and Yvonne Rinaldi.  Tom Rinaldi also lent a hand getting flags stored
for another year.
American Heritage Girls with their mothers lending much needed help with installation.

Behind the scenes prepping ribbons and flags were: Carolyn Maniscalco, Christine Maniscalco (who both hostessed our prep sessions), Patty Kierce, Carol Hall, Lora St. Germaine, Yvonne Rinaldi, and Patricia Gutierrez.

Carol Hall, Financial Secretary holding  flag for installation with a great helper.
Final look, lots of compliments from those who were in the church for First Communion.

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