4th Anniversary Mass & Dinner

Court Mary, Mother of the Redeemer after Mass on August 4, 2018

What began 4 years ago was celebrated with several members, newly installed officers and guests beginning with Mass at Christ the Redeemer.   Our celebrant was Father Ralph Roberts assisted by Deacon Jack Alexander.  The Saturday vigil mass was joyful and helped promote CDA to the parish community.  Members who could remain after Mass joined in this beautiful group shot.  Thank you so much to those spouses who took the pictures.

Soon after members gathered at Sam’s Seafood & Steak on Grant Road to enjoy company, visiting, delicious steak/seafood dinners.  The dinner chairperson was Christine Maniscalco, assisted by several court members with planning.  Carolyn Maniscalco ensured we had a beautiful cake with the CDA logo courtesy of Sam’s Club bakery.

Past Regent Elizabeth Thompson gave a brief overview of our past year.  As she was listing all the events, parties, support and participation given to CTR ministries it was evident our court is very active.  She recognized our past Treasurer, Martha Stevens for her willingness to rise above and beyond when asked to help our court since it’s inception.  Martha served as our Court Treasurer for 2 terms.

In addition to enjoying dinner and drink, guests had the opportunity to win our Anniversary raffle.  Connie Troutt held the lucky number, and won a commemorative plate from the visit Pope John Paul II made to San Antonio during his US visit in 1987.  The plate was donated by Christine Maniscalco.

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